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Policy on the Management of Communicable Diseases in the Workplace and Maintenance of Hygienic and Safe Work Environment

1.1.1 Core Statement

Healing Embrace will provide information and educate all staff/subcontractors on risk management of any communicable diseases in the work place that they may visit where a risk has been identified. All staff of Healing Embrace will only be available to work with a clean bill of health and will notify in advance for any absence required due to illness.

1.1.2 Main Features

The provision of information and conditions which are conducive to excellent health and safety standards.

Adherence to principles of non-discrimination and confidentiality.

Referral of staff/subcontractors to counselling facilities where appropriate.

1.1.3 Health in the Workplace

Occupational transmission of the Hepatitis virus is not a major cause of Hepatitis infection and Healing Embrace is not a high-risk industry for infection.

However, Healing Embrace does recognise that Hepatitis is a concern, particularly when an employee may be exposed to the body fluids on an infected person, e.g. blood.

In the workplace the most likely method of contracting Hepatitis is by direct contact with potentially infected body fluids.

Massage therapists of Healing Embrace should take all precautions when dealing with body fluids, e.g. blood which may occur at an accident site. Staff of Healing Embrace should contact the visiting company’s HR representative on first instance. If providing First Aid treatment staff of Healing Embrace should wear the protective rubber gloves supplied in the first Aid Kits, wash hands afterward and cover open sores with water-proof bandages, areas of spilt blood should be mopped up and all affected areas and equipment thoroughly disinfected.

All accidents must be recorded in the Accident/Incident Report Sheet. (If in doubt, contact Linda Dowsett, management of Healing Embrace immediately.)

All Massage Therapists of Healing Embrace will carry on them a hand-pump disinfectant hand gel to be used in-between each client to maintain excellent hygiene standards and to minimise cross-contamination.

Safety in the workplace set up

1.2.1     Maintenance of equipment used in chair/table massage

All massage therapists at Healing Embrace will be responsible for maintaining weekly check-ups of their massage chair/table for safety and sturdiness and prior to commencement of an onsite massage schedule.

Any loose fixtures will be rectified before the massage treatment commences on-site.

All equipment will be cleaned with a disinfectant wipe/spray in-between each client using the chair/table, specifically the face-hole cushioned area.

Protective disposable face shields on the face-hole cushioned area will be used for each client and thrown out after one use. A new one is to be used per client.

Hands are to be cleaned with a hand-held disinfectant gel pump. Hands are to be washed thoroughly in a toilet facility after snack break and before commencing the massage work and on completion of the massage schedule.

Any electrical equipment used e.g. Oil diffuser, heater will be checked for safety prior to use at each massage schedule for that day. Any faults will be noted and steps made for corrective repair.

1.2.2     Client privacy, comfort and safety

Door to the treatment room onsite will be adequately heated and ventilated throughout the massage session.

Signage on the door will be displayed advising to ‘Do not disturb’ during the massage session to avoid any disruption to the relaxation process during a massage.

The onsite room to be used for massage is to be checked for safety hazards and equipment is laid out in the room to allow for easy and safe access to the chair/table.

All clients will be orientated to the room and assisted out of the chair/table and awakened sufficiently to return to work.

Preference for pressure when applying massage will be checked with each client and adjusted accordingly.

All clients will complete a health questionnaire form before receiving their first massage session and bring it to the therapist before commencing their treatment.

All Healing Embrace staff will read the health information supplied by all new clients and check for any health considerations, risks and contra-indications.

All therapists at Healing Embrace reserve the right to cancel a massage appointment if contra-indications are present.

All clients receiving massage are responsible for their health care prior to and after each massage session.

All clients must notify the therapist treating them from Healing Embrace of all health conditions, allergies and illnesses present at the time of massage commencing and to keep the therapist updated of any changes.

All health information recorded on the health questionnaire will remain confidential and known only to the massage therapist and client. Upon cessation of services, all records will be destroyed after required lawful time of keeping records.

All clients are advised to stay hydrated after each massage session.

1.2.3    Drug and Alcohol Policy

Healing Embrace does not tolerate the abuse of alcohol or the use of or possession of illegal or restricted drugs (unless on prescription) by its employees/subcontractors, clients and visitor’s supplies to any Healing Embrace’s client premises, vehicles or at work related functions. Disciplinary action will be taken against those persons showing to be under the influence of alcohol and illegal or restricted drugs. Cancellation of massage is warranted under such cases.


Determining whether someone is adversely affected or not:

Signs that point towards this can include:

  • Obvious change in mood (more aggressive, heightened joy or more depressed than usual)?
  • Vocal expression is altered (slurring of words, babbling incoherently or using foul language).
  • Decreased or altered motor skills and/or dexterity (off balance, stumbling and accident prone).
  • Would they be safely able to drive a motor vehicle or equipment?
  • Altered level of consciousness (more drowsy than usual or unable to concentrate and focus).
  • Unusual odour present (alcohol or drug smell on the person’s breath or clothing).

What to do with someone adversely affected by drugs or alcohol:

  1. Stop the person from consuming more alcohol/drugs.
  2. Take charge of the person – summon the appropriate assistance if necessary.
  3. Don’t let the person out of your sight, even if they promise that they’ll stay put. If need be, summon someone else to watch him or her while you pack up etc.
  4. Escort the person from the premises as soon as possible only if your own health and safety is not compromised. (This may be the most appropriate step to take first if you’re on your own with an adversely affected person.)
  5. Plan for the person to get home as is necessary (call their spouse/partner/family/colleague, call them a cab etc.)
  6. Disciplinary action will take place if action was needed on behalf of a staff member from the visiting workplace you attended.
  7. Fill out an incident report.

1.2.4      No smoking policy

All therapists employed by Healing Embrace are prohibited from smoking during their massage assignment.

All venues made available for on-site massage must be in a smoke-free environment with adequate ventilation.

1.2.5.    Familiarity with emergency procedures

Upon a work assignment for onsite massage, all therapists from Healing Embrace must be made familiar with onsite emergency procedures.

Locate emergency exits, emergency alarms and safety procedures at each venue for onsite massage.

1.2.6       Sexual harassment/inappropriate behaviour policy

All therapists employed by Healing Embrace are to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner.

All sexual harassment/inappropriate behaviour is strictly forbidden during work hours onsite by Healing Embrace and its staff and by any clients.

Any inappropriate behaviour or sexual harassment will incur a cessation of service and followed-up by a complaints procedure and possibly legal action if required.

Policy on competency in massage skills and safe practice

1.3.1     Qualifications check

All practicing massage therapists working at Healing Embrace will hold relevant Massage certificates/diplomas with dates.

All therapists employed by Healing Embrace are responsible for keeping their massage skills up to date and current.

All Therapists employed by Healing Embrace must hold a current First Aid Certificate and to provide a copy of this for record keeping.

All Therapists at Healing Embrace must provide their own Indemnity Insurance.

1.3.2     Vehicle safety

All therapists employed by Healing Embrace must drive a licensed car with a current W.O.F, Car registration and driver’s license.

All therapists employed by Healing Embrace are responsible for their own Health and Safety to and from the venue of an Onsite Contract.

1.3.3      Equipment safety

All therapists employed at Healing Embrace are responsible for providing their own massage table/chair/supplies and keeping it in safe working order.

1.3.4      Therapist fitness and injury prevention

All therapists employed by Healing Embrace are responsible for their health care and body maintenance. Practices such as regular stretching before and after a work contract is advised.

Adherence to correct posture during work assignments is to be followed to minimise overuse injury and strain.

Healing Embrace will provide resources and stretches to staff to assist with body fitness, health and injury prevention.

In the event of injury or over-use and strain from massage, therapists are responsible for their own health treatment and payment of ACC levies.

Complaints Procedure

1.4.1 Incident Report

All complaints laid down by either a client or by the Therapist employed by Healing Embrace will require a form to be filled out detailing the incident.

Name or persons concerned, place of incident and description of incident is to be recorded and handed in to management of Healing Embrace.

All matters pertaining to grievances laid down by a therapist will be discussed and appropriate action taken to ensure the incident does not happen again by following up with management of the company from which the incident occurred.

All efforts will be made to resolve all issues face to face if appropriate and safe to do so. Legal action is a last resort if the situation is not resolved.

Healing Embrace has the right to terminate a contract of service for: any incident of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour either by a staff member of Healing Embrace or staff of a company during an onsite massage service, or for failure to comply with Healing Embrace’s Health and Safety Policies and Procedures 2017.

This hereby is the full disclosure of the Health and Safety Policies and Procedures for Healing Embrace created by Owner Linda Dowsett – 16th October 2017.