Linda is a qualified healing therapist with over 20 years experience from Nursing, Therapeutic Massage, Spiritual Healing, Reconnective Healing and The Journey. Offering holistic care that is nurturing, understanding and empowering to the individual.

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Linda's Story

I have always felt connected to God or Source since I was a little girl living in Tauranga in the North Island of New Zealand. Yet at the same time I also felt out of place in mainstream religion or a church. I felt that there was more to life and that I was part of something more inclusive and unifying. I also sensed that I felt and saw more than most people. I have always felt very emotional and I can sense other people’s emotional states easily. I didn’t know then that I was an empath and that this was part of my gift to feel deeply. At the time I felt out of place, shut down and misunderstood.

I began feeling more energy around me when I was an adolescent, like a tingling when spirit was around me or when I was contemplating truths. It was as if my angels were trying to communicate with me to let me know I was on track or that I was connecting to Source.

Nature has always soothed me, especially the sea. Growing up in the Bay of Plenty I have been blessed by the east coast beach of Mt Maunganui and so my love of the ocean. Whenever I feel alone, I connect to Mother Nature and I feel my spirit guides walking closely with me.

My personal family life was a challenge growing up with my father who had schizophrenia. This brought its own pain and challenges but also many gifts in understanding myself and others more deeply from a psychological and spiritual point of view. I never lost sight of the fact that my Dad wasn’t just someone with a mental illness, but that he was a beautiful soul, somehow locked in deep sorrow and confusion but still full of love and presence. It was my deep love for my Dad that inspired me to become a nurse to help others.

During my three-year nursing training in Rotorua I was introduced to therapeutic massage as a form of primary health care. I recall my nursing tutor say, “You can be the ambulance at the top of the cliff, or be at the bottom.” In other words, you can focus on preventative health care like massage to help people get better before they land in hospital. This really appealed to me and I was curious to know more.

While boarding with a lady called Diane in Rotorua during my final year of nursing training, I was offered my first ever massage! You’d think I would have jumped at the chance to have a massage, but instead I tried to get out of it. I felt nervous and very self-conscious. I didn’t have a very good self-image back then. Thankfully Diane convinced me saying it was her treat for me. Well I was a changed girl after that. I learned so much about my body, where I held tension that I previously had no clue about, plus what a wonderful and nurturing therapy massage is. I was hooked, and this spurred me on to learn the craft of massage therapy.

I worked for 3 years as a nurse at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland. During that time, I trained as a massage therapist at the Wellpark of Natural Therapies. It was during this time that I began to sense energy in my hands and people’s energy fields. I then went on to train in Reiki, Spiritual healing and later Reconnective Healing. I then let that fall away into developing my own form of healing by trusting spirit and my intuition. I began to offer energy field clearing and amplification to my massage sessions.

In my mid 20s I went to the U.K. to travel and work in London at an Eating disorders unit called Rhodes Farm and home care nursing a young man with schizophrenia while also running my private massage practice. I continue to this day to use massage therapy and energy healing to assist people to reconnect to themselves and to develop a deeper awareness into their heart, soul and body.

In recent years I came across world renowned author and healer Judy Satori. She is a conduit for spirit and light language. A few years after learning about light language, I was activated myself to speak languages of light. Wow, this was exciting, new and beautiful. It felt like a natural progression from just using my hands to open and clear energy to using my voice as a divine instrument. I spent a couple of years getting comfortable with this new gift when spirit encouraged me to use it with my clients in the therapy room and in the public forum. Thus, my journey with speaking the languages of light began with others in September 2016.

In meditation during the year of 2016, I was reconnected with the Intergalactic Council of Light. I was made aware that I was part of this council and here to do important work on earth. They come from afar, they represent light, love and unity consciousness. Collectively they bring many healing gifts whether it is working 1:1 or collectively in a group the healing is unifying, amplifying and clearing.

Light language is here to align you more closely to your soul self and your higher purpose. It is the universal language of the soul. Animals deeply resonate with humans speaking light language as it transcends the form and speaks directly to their soul and the light body.

I am here playing my part in service of the Divine creator of all, God, universal Source and divine Mother. There are many names, but the energy is the same, unconditional love of all, light. I continue to learn and evolve through my own life experience, through deep meditation and communion with my soul and nature and through my beautiful clients that I am blessed to meet each day.

May you gaze upon the sun to see your own self shining back on you. May you look upon the deep waters of the sea and feel your own heart bringing you home to your light, to your love and to your purpose here on earth.

With much love and blessings,